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What people are saying…

November  2017

“Zane was very engaging and was super-helpful in explaining the reasons why the models were constructed in this way. The course was fast paced enough to keep interest!  It has been the most useful course I have been on so far and have recommended it to my colleagues.

“Ofelia was awesome! I would highly recommend TTS to anyone interested in enhancing their excel skills.”

“Impressed with Zane and the course in general. The course had good material and was delivered very well by Zane. Further the classroom was comfortable.”

October  2017

“Incredibly impressed by Kristin’s troubleshooting capabilities and the structure of the course overall”

“Instructor very helpful and engaging. It makes a huge difference for a 5-day, 8-hour class where with a subpar instructor, could make the program drag on.”

September  2017

“Marc provided topical real-life examples as well as his own experiences that helped better shape the course and give insight into the material.”

“Found the instructor to be incredibly engaging and knowledgeable”

“Billy is an excellent teacher. He is methodical and has mastered his craft.”

August  2017

“The course was excellent. Billy was incredibly helpful throughout the whole process and took the time to answer individuals’ questions when needed. Using an example 10k was helpful in understanding the concepts we learned.”

“Instructor was great. Seemed to know how to simplify complex topics into ways that were easy to understand.”

“Karishma was great and explained concepts very thoroughly. Also, appreciated the Excel humor.”

July  2017

“The instructor did an excellent job explaining conceptual topics in an understandable manner. The materials allowed a step-by-step understanding of complex financial modeling techniques.”

“Ofelia was a fantastic instructor. She made the entire week compelling and highly effective.”

“Kristen is a fantastic teacher. There is something about the way she explains the content that makes it stick.”

“Scott was an incredible instructor. Top notch. Cares about students and delivers material extremely well.”

June  2017

“I found Zane to be extremely skilled as an instructor, and feel that he ran a great course. The materials were also well put together and organized in a way conducive to learning.”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“Great guys, good class, learn the stuff concretely”

May  2017

“Excellent Instructor, explained complex concepts in a manner that was very easy to understand. 10/10.”

“Zach and Jim were excellent instructors that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting. I came into this course with prior financial knowledge that I would consider significantly above that of the other participants’s. With that said, Zach did a great job of teaching those with less knowledge while also keeping me engaged with a strong review session.”

“The course was great, I feel much more prepared and knowledgeable”

“The instructors and printed materials were phenomenal.”