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What people are saying…

June  2017

“I found Zane to be extremely skilled as an instructor, and feel that he ran a great course. The materials were also well put together and organized in a way conducive to learning.”

“Instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“Great guys, good class, learn the stuff concretely”

May  2017

“Excellent Instructor, explained complex concepts in a manner that was very easy to understand. 10/10.”

“Zach and Jim were excellent instructors that I thoroughly enjoyed meeting. I came into this course with prior financial knowledge that I would consider significantly above that of the other participants’s. With that said, Zach did a great job of teaching those with less knowledge while also keeping me engaged with a strong review session.”

“The course was great, I feel much more prepared and knowledgeable”

“The instructors and printed materials were phenomenal.”

April  2017

“Rahul did an excellent job of providing instruction on the material in the context of real-world examples. He was always about to go back and explain in ways that helped the students understand”

“Parul was fantastic, a great teacher and her history of working on Wall Street actually showed real life use applications.  She did a great job”

March  2017

“Tremendous load of content packed into a short amount of time. All things considered, the course is effective and very beneficial to professional development”

“Everything was super helpful. I learned a lot”

February  2017

“Rahul was great. He communicated the material effectively and kept the class interesting with his own commentary and suggestions”

“Zane was a great instructor – the training exceeded my expectations by far. Very tangible and helpful, with good guidance throughout”

“Zane was great!!!”

January  2017

“Rahul was great. He communicated the material effectively and kept the class interesting with his own commentary and suggestions.”

“Instructor’s delivery of the course was impeccable. Ross was a great instructor and really made the course very enjoyable as he was really enthusiastic and happy to answer any questions.”

“Ross was great, extremely knowledgeable, great real life examples and great pace (spending time on important things and skipping less important things). Cant say enough good things.”

December 2016

“I’m not rating the course as excellence in every aspect just to complete the survey quickly, I really feel it was an excellent course. Compared to a similar course I completed as part of my MBA courses and other courses I’ve discussed about with colleagues, I think that TTS, Van Vu and Scott Haahr were excellent. The information was useful, well explained, and the way it was delivered was energetic and engaging (modeling and excel can get quite dull, but Van did a great job).”

November 2016

“The overall structure of the class, the length, as well as the materials and case studies were amazing and hands-on. Furthermore, the instructor, Zane, did a very great job delivering the content. I had similar classes before but this was by far the best.”

“Utkarsh did a great job teaching the materials and keeping it fun as well.”

“I was beyond impressed with my instructor. He was able to add very relevant anecdotes to the material in order to make the information more understandable and relatable. Also his previous experiences taught us best practice rather than strictly theory. He was a very dynamic teacher. His delivery made the information interesting to learn instead of listening to a robotic teacher.”

October 2016

“Kristen was great at breaking down information thoroughly and making it easy to understand.”

“The instructor made everything very easy to understand, and he had a really great and interesting way in delivering the information”

“I think it was very well run. Thank you so much!!”

“I think the program is great. Really great. I want to highlight the performance of Mrs. Ofelia Salgado. She clearly has an outstanding knowledge on the topics covered in class, she has a great sense of humor and makes the class really interesting. Keep it up.”