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Teaching Associate

Positions Available: Teaching Associate (summer, full-time or part-time)

Training The Street is looking for teaching associates to help with investment banking analyst and associate training programs, case study preparation, and content development projects. Individuals should have a minimum of 2 years investment banking experience with a bulge bracket firm.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to analyzing companies using financial modeling and corporate valuation techniques, investigating transactions and their impact on a client’s capital structure and analyzing the consequences of mergers, acquisitions, and leveraged buyouts.

Role requirements:

  • Strong analytical skills, especially valuation and financial modeling expertise
  • Strong proficiency in Excel, especially with constructing financial models
  • Strong attention to detail
  • PowerPoint proficiency
  • Team player; patient personality; comfortable and willing to help others

Teaching associate summer responsibilities:

  • Assist program participants in one-on-one or in smaller groups sessions with daily Excel-based valuation exercises (i.e., public & acquisition comparables, constructing a standalone earnings forecast model, DCF, LBO, merger consequences), specifically:
    • Conceptual reinforcement of valuation topics, calculations and lecture materials
    • Sharing Excel “tips” with short-cuts and more efficient modeling approaches
  • Evaluation of the daily exercises
  • Case study development
  • Prior teaching experience is not required. Teaching associate will be paired with a primary Training The Street instructor who you will support as they lead instruction

The associate position offers:

  • Great learning experience
  • Excellent part-time opportunity before full-time employment consideration
  • Opportunity to fine tune valuation and financial modeling skills
  • Opportunity to transition to New York area
  • Networking opportunities with other finance professionals
  • Predictable work hours and duties
  • Competitive pay

Education: Bachelor’s degree

Travel requirement:

  • Valid passport
  • Although most training programs will be based in New York City, there may be opportunities for travel to other cities throughout North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Employment Timing:

  • The length of employment is flexible and can be adjusted based on your particular situation.

Interested candidates should email their resume, including relevant deal experiences and contact information, to Utkarsh Bhagat at Training The Street, Inc.