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Free Learning Series

The TTS Free Learning Series offers an opportunity for Learning and Development professionals to meet and participate in key discussions impacting the populations you support. Our Free Learning Series also offers the opportunity for students and finance professonals to preview Training The Street content and material. 

At TTS, we take pride in providing these free learning opportunities for our valued clients and potential customers. Whether the topic focuses on Gen Y, Communication Skills for New Employees, Diversity, or a variety of finance topics, our informative series puts learning at your fingertips.

More from our Free Learning Series coming soon

  • May 2023 – The Power of Python


Past Series Topics

  • Excel Essentials for H.R. Professionals 
  • Attracting and Keeping Millennials at Your Workplace  Presenter:  Lindsey Pollack 
  • Why Wall Street Matters  Presenter: William D. Cohen
  • Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders  Presenter:  Lindsey Pollack 
  • Ethical Decision Making  Presenters:  Karen Rezach and Eva Lazar
  • Happiness 10.0
  • Own the Room  Presenters:  Marjie Terry and Alana Unterberg
  • Attracting and Keeping Millennials at Your Workplace  Presenter:  Pamela Weinburg
  • War for Talent 2.0: Attracting, Retaining and Motivating Analysts and Associates  Presented by Jodi Glickman of Great on the Job and Scott Rostan
  • The 2020 Vision: What is the Future of Gen Y Careers? Presenter: Lindsey Pollak the Gen Y Expert
  • Helping you keep to your Learning Resolution we kicked off the new year with an Excel Efficiencies for HR/L&D Professionals
  • What’s in a Bank, TTS wrapped up the 2011 Free Learning Series with Scott Rostan’s presentation on Investment Banking
  • Working Across Differences: Unlocking the Potential of a Multicultural Workforce featuring Jane Hyun, & Audrey Lee of Hyun & Associates
  • Communication Strategies for Junior Bankers featuring Jodi Glickman,
  • Managing Generational Differences featuring Lindsey Pollak,

Do you have suggestions on a Free Learning Series Topic? Please email us at and let us know.

In-Person Free Learning Series Location

275 Madison Avenue, Suite 1201, New York, NY 10016