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Client Testimonials

Interview candidates

  • “I can’t explain how much TTS has helped me going through the interview process. I looked at the Corp Valuation book that we got through the Finance Scholars program everyday for the past 2 months preparing for all my super days — it was extremely helpful. Thanks again.”

Training program participants

  • “Happy to say my summer at my firm ended well. I received an offer and will be joining full-time in leveraged finance. During our week of training we had Marc Aqui leading the classes and it was great. I learned a lot during training and over the course of the summer. TTS helped me tremendously going through interviews and this summer.”
  • “When starting in finance, I was worried about catching up, after 4 years of liberal arts education.  I didn’t need to be.  Training the Street was a terrific program!  With hands-on exercises, helpful instructors, and top-tier classroom learning, it established the right foundation from which to start my analyst program.  Training the Street is Wall Street’s gold standard and it’s easy to see why – can’t recommend it enough!”
  • “Ankur thank you for a Fantastic experience, it was the best course I ever enrolled in. I really appreciate the effort you put in to the class as whole, and me in person… enjoy Dewali, and see you in January.”
  • “Zane – Unfortunately I did not get the opportunity to thank you in person, however I want to thank you for a very interesting course. Besides the fact that it was fun, it has been a good investment in both excel and financial modelling skills going forward.” 

MBA and Undergraduate workshops

  • “Ross and Van did an incredible job. I am a CPA/JD and have been to hundreds of hours of CPE/CLE training seminars and this one was by far the best prepared and conducted. It was a pleasure to take TTS course and I felt Van Vu did an excellent job”
  • “Chirag  is better than all the professors I have had –actually learned useful, practical material”
  • “This was my second workshop with Billy Chu. He was definitely still a great teacher a great resource for best practice tips and questions on current events in the industry. My #1 quality that I like about Billy, is that he repeats important things several times and is extremely patient”
  • “I wanted to follow up with you and let you know that your course was an unbelievable learning experience and has provided me some great Excel skills that I use on a daily basis – although this is now like saying I use my walking skills on a daily basis.  Although I do not have plans of going into investment banking I do believe that the tools I’ve learned from your course can be applied to the strategy related roles I am pursuing.”
  • “Very good course. Breadth and depth were great overall. Sarah was an awesome instructor. Very knowledgable and patient”.
  • “Marc, Thanks for the course earlier this fall. Its been a big help in preparing me as I pursue a career re-branding in investment banking. I have been able to take some of the things I learned and kept from the materials and add them to my knowledge base for informational interviews I have had this fall.”