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Fundamentals of Financial Accounting & Analysis

The key to understanding the building blocks of any type of financial analysis is developing solid fundamentals of Financial Accounting and Analysis. Through practical examples and exercises, this course pack illustrates the fundamentals of financial accounting and analysis to prepare you for success as a financial professional. This package includes 300 pages of content which include a handbook and its companion – real world analysis and exercises.

Topics Coveredfund-fin-acct-exercises

  • How to read and analyze an annual report
  • Analysis of a real world public company
  • Locating the latest and most relevant company information on the web to analyze
  • Detailed understanding of income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows
  • Three statement relationships to help prepare you for corporate valuation and financial modeling training
  • A primer on the time value of money
  • Understanding the importance of working capital on cash flow
  • Over thirty-five financial statement ratios delivered with example calculations and explanations
  • Over 150 exercises and knowledge checks