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Please be aware that TTS is no longer supporting this Beta version 

This version of the Turbo Macros is compatible with:
Windows Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016

Thank you for requesting the TTS Turbo Macros. Please click the button below to download the zip folder containing the add-in file along with an instructional Excel file. For this version of the TTS Turbo Macros, we have introduced an Auto-install feature. Unlike previous versions, all you need to do to install the macros is click the file and follow the prompts.  Please make sure Excel is closed before installing.

Download Macro Installation Files

Ok, so I have installed the TTS Turbo Macros, how do I use it?
TTS Turbo Macros is an Excel add-in consisting of an array of tools to enhance your productivity. These include various formatting tools and utilities which work alongside native Microsoft Excel. Once installed, the macros will automatically load when Excel is opened. To help familiarize you with the functionality, we recommend opening the TTS_v6Macro_How2 Excel file included in the zip folder and watching the video below.