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March 2020

“Scott Haahr is a total rockstar. Never let him go!”

“Rishi was a great instructor and made the content very digestible! He was funny, involved the students, and knowledgeable. The class was well-paced.”

“The material was very good. I learned a lot from the course, and Rishi, the instructor, was amazing. He really enhanced the content and made the week enjoyable.”

February 2020

“This has been by far one of the best modelling courses I have ever attended. Zane’s delivery of the material was immaculate, clear and in-depth. Biggest proof is the fact that near the end of Day 2 someone tripped over my laptop cable, causing me to lose my unsaved work. I managed to redo the entire 2nd portion of the exercise without any difficulty because of the fantastic way in which Zane described each step of the model with clear explanations. 10 out of 10! Fantastic course by far.”

“Couldn’t ask for anything more. Awesome course, perfect material and fantastic instructor.”
“Marc was an exceptionally gifted teacher”

January 2020

“Parul is an excellent instructor. Very happy with the quality of the class.”

“I really appreciated the way Ed wove the repetition of concepts, definitions, and exercises into the ongoing course instruction. It was helpful for me to hear these things repeated to remind me of concepts we had learned earlier in the week and ultimately solidify my understanding. The Excel formatting exercise and review of the shortcuts / navigation were invaluable.”

“Ed is a legend. Really sharp and knowledgeable. Great at explaining complicated concepts.”

December 2019

“Jung Suh did an outstanding job of relating the dated course material to more current transactions – namely, the LVMT & TIF transaction.”

“Van and Annie (the TA), were fantastic. One of my biggest concerns about the class was the pace and/or getting lost and getting left behind, but that fear was quickly put to rest for a number of reasons. Van was an incredible facilitator who brought everyone along for the journey, no matter their skill level. He made the class interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. ”

“This course was incredibly helpful – parts were a refresher / solidified the bits and pieces I have learned over the years and parts explained theory I had never understood before. The format was great – interactive lecture with calculations / examples mixed in. Jung was a fabulous instructor – his humor, real-life examples and teaching style were incredibly effective for our diverse class. Thank you!”

“The instructor is willing to stay late to follow up questions. He is super kind and the contents are very helpful.”

November 2019

“Jung was an outstanding instructor. Not only did he make fairly dry topics interesting for five days in a row (not an easy feat!), but he was also able to bring to class a number of real life examples that made the coursework so much more relevant. For example, he actively reworked the coursework to help showcase the possible acquisition of Tiffany’s by LVMH (which was in the news the week of our course) and it captivated the class even more (and motivated us to read up more post-class). It was because of Jung’s talent and skills as an instructor that we are considering inviting him to teach our larger organization. We highly recommend Jung!”

“Zane is a great instructor and the course was efficient in general.”

“Mark was an excellent instructor. He was able to simplify material that is difficult to understand. He packed a lot of material into only 4 weeks. The only suggestion I’d make is that this class probably needs to be extended to 5 weeks. It felt a little rushed through the M&A & LBO models, and both topics needed 2 classes each. Other than that, I thought it was a great learning experience and I’d highly recommend a colleague and/or someone else in the industry take Mark’s class.”

October 2019

“Wayne was a great instructor and flowed through all three days of class seamlessly. He did a great job of getting us involved while also lecturing. He truly made 3 days of 9-5 accounting training engaging and interesting.”

“Great course, excellent materials and outstanding delivery from Ross. Will suggest the course to other team members at the firm.”

“Absolutely great! I loved the exercises and examples. Also, appreciated the encouragement to experiment with the shortcuts.”

“Excellent delivery and knowledge from Wayne. The fact that he is able to explain the topics in such a clear manner not only demonstrates his deep understanding of the topic but his teaching abilities. Great course!”

September 2019

“Rishi was an excellent professor. Great pace and mix of content / real life examples.”

“Karishma was an *awesome* instructor — she went through the material at an appropriate pace, had very detailed and clear explanations, and was eager to answer any questions/offer assistance throughout the week. Because of her, I would definitely recommend colleagues to take this course. I found it most helpful when she asked the class questions about the materials and had us discuss in small groups so that she wasn’t just giving answers/lecturing the whole time.”

“Instructor was awesome and the content was well structured to also cover concepts and the reasons WHY.”

“the instructor was perfect. Spot on- so well paced and informative. I learned so much”

August 2019 

“Instructor delivery was really excellent – sense of humor and current event references kept the material interesting and the room engaged.”

“Mr. Ascoli was phenomenal, he was very approachable and made everything interesting and understandable with real-world scenarios.”

“Instructor was great – very flexible and adapted to everyone’s different level. The course was also entertaining (which was not expected) and those moments of comic relief were much appreciated.”

“Matt is a great instructor. The content delivery was excellent. Being the third time I have taken a course with Training the Street it was a very pleasing experience.”

“Mike was an awesome teacher- made the long day fly by and really helped us understand the content.”

July 2019

“Jeff was fantastic. Added a ton of value and made it all enjoyable and understandable.”

“Course materials were comprehensive and very easy to follow. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable, clear in delivery & helpful!”

“Great delivery of content and involvement/engagement with the class as a whole.”

“Could not have a better instructor than Utkarsh. He explained things very well, was extremely engaging and had great jokes.”

 June 2019

“Mike was an excellent teacher. I felt so much better about concepts I had already covered in school. Additionally, his methodical and well explained approach was incredible.”

“I thought everything about this course was great. I came in with very limited knowledge and followed everything fairly easily. The teaching was fantastic.”

“The printed materials were great and Josh was a amazing teacher.”

May 2019

“I thought the course as a whole was very good. The examples, the printed materials, and instruction were all excellent. Both of the instructors I had were excellent. The course did a good job of covering a lot of material in the time allotted.”

“Excellent course – I gained a lot of value. Instruction was fluid, precise and integrated real world examples. Excellent delivery and great use of time.”

“I love Zane! He is so good with his delivery, patient and kind.”

April 2019

“My instructor Utkarsh was excellent. Knowledgeable, inclusive, patient, friendly, and very funny throughout the class helping to keep everyone engaged. Would absolutely take another course taught by him.”

 “Josh was outstanding as an instructor. Command of the material as excellent, clear and concise in his delivery – clearly emphasized key points for us to take away. Applied relevant anecdotes to emphasize / amplify various topics. Really added to the overall experience.”

March 2019

“The instructor was amazing. Really grateful for Edward Ascoli. Passionate and energetic.”

“Jeff made the content both easy to absorb and relatable. As opposed to simply reading from the course pack, he consistently coupled the material with real-world examples and applications. Overall, he just brought enthusiasm and a good attitude, his consistency in that regard was huge.

 “Good quality handbook with reusable materials (e.g. macro, short-cut key sheets). Good instructions on what makes an analyst top bucket and pointers that associates / VP would not necessarily offer naturally.”

February 2019

“I was initially unsure how quick the pace of the course would be, as we only had 2 days. However, Kristen did an excellent job teaching while keeping a moderate pace. I was extremely impressed with the complementary materials and ability to make an immediate impact on my Excel and modeling skills. Thank you!”

“Very impressed by the course, recommending to my friends & colleagues.”

“I thought the delivery and materials were great. It was the perfect length and great level of content.”