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What people are saying…

November 2018

“Rahul was consistently engaging and patient. The material so helpfully built upon itself. Thank you so much!”

“Mark did a fantastic job, really appreciated his enthusiasm and insight. His explanations were always concise and clear, he offered plenty of help during the modeling exercises and was always open to help after hours.”

“Josh was a great instructor. Very knowledgeable and helped break down the more complex components we covered. Josh also used great examples to help explain topics.”

October 2018

“I left feeling very confident in my excel skills. The course kept me engaged and challenged. I am excited to implement this into my work.”

“Phenomenal instructor, great class. Loved the shortcuts. Good pace of delivery. Karishma was clear and concise and kept the class engaging with the various examples and stories-felt like I learned a lot. Thank you!”

“Rahul was fantastic. He kept the material interesting and easy to follow.”

September 2018

“A really excellent course in giving a rapid and in-depth introduction to a very complicated area. Good speed, materials and instructors. Van is the man!”

“Zachary is a great lecturer, he paces the class well and keeps the students engaged. He is great at reaching out to check that everyone is up to speed. His anecdotes for certain shortcut keys help me remember that they are tools I could use.”

August 2018

“Scott was very helpful at answering all my questions and concerns. He is an excellent teacher who takes the time to go through the underlying fundamentals behind the concepts and made the class both applicable and engaging. He has made the course very accessible to someone who did not have experience in this field before.”

“Wayne did an incredible job delivering the content. He made the information engaging, relate-able to current businesses, and approachable for those who do not have a lot of experience with the information. I am thankful the content was printed (vs. just virtual) so I could take the content home and review it. Wayne also had a great balance of having brief get-to-know-you sessions with 2 truths/1 lie…it helped break up the content and get to know the other people in the class.”

July 2018

“Scott Haahr’s instruction was very effective; fundamental enough for new beginners, comprehensive for intermediate-advanced learners. The TA, Mike G., also put in extra effort to make sure everyone got the help they needed.”

“Having limited financial background, this course got me to a level of competency I could immediately put to use in my job.”

“I was very impressed by Karishma’s familiarity with the material. Not only had she seemingly committed all of the printed and Excel material to memory, but she has a mastery of the actual content, and was able to answer all of my questions in great detail.”

June 2018

“Zane and Mike were really amazing. So helpful and knowledgeable. They really made the course worthwhile.”

“Edward and Ophelia were excellent and extremely knowledgeable. They gave special attention to ensure that I was following along and were very understanding of my skill set.”

“Class was very well structured, delivery was strong and made sure everyone was comfortable before moving on.”

May 2018

“Both Parul and Ed were extremely skilled instructors, walking through the material thoroughly but swiftly, which was extremely helpful given my lack of background in many of the financial and accounting concepts incorporated into the models. I was able to learn and participate throughout the entire course. I also appreciate the ample time allowed for individual building of the model where instructors were able to help those that got stuck or fix a quick error to quickly catch you up to speed.”

“Ed did a great job pacing the discussion. For what we were trying to get in the two days, he covered the areas. Additionally, we appreciate his willing to help out with our questions that are specific to our context.”

“I learned more in these 3 days than I have in 2 years of college”