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Excel and Financial Modeling for Finance and Consulting 

This intensive two-day live workshop develops financial modeling skills through hands-on construction of a model with one-on-one support from former professionals. This is the same course TTS delivers at top investment banks, consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies. The workshop includes access to an online version of the course.

Course Outline

Overview and introduction to financial modeling
Modeling Best Practices:
  • Basic Excel setup including macro security, iterations & calculations settings
  • Financial modeling essentials including appropriate color schemes
  • Page setup functions
  • Customizing toolbars in Excel (including adding icons to your toolbar)
  • Excel best practices, including common “shortcut” keys and other efficiency tips
    • Navigating in Excel
    • Shortcuts including autosum, advanced paste special functions, fill functionality, go to cells, repeat function, naming cells & effectively navigating between worksheets
    • Excel foundations & efficiencies in formulating projections
    • Fundamentals of formats including alignments & custom number formats including “text” with custom formatting
    • Anchoring cells
  • Understanding how to efficiently design historical inputs & forecast financial projections
Designing a Model for Finance Professionals and Consultants:
  • What is a model? What question is the model meant to answer?
  • Introduce the business case modeling case study
  • Output-first design methodology
  • Build a model design tree showing inputs, calculations and outputs
Construction and Application of:
  • Core statements
  • Working capital schedule
  • Depreciation schedule
  • Amortization schedule
Construction and Application of:
  • Other long-term items schedule
  • Equity schedule
  • Shares outstanding schedule
  • Preparing for the debt and interest schedule
  • Debt and interest schedule
Advanced Modeling Topics:
  • Understanding and controlling for circular references
  • Balancing a model, and ensuring there is parity in the projected balance sheet
  • Sensitivity analysis including data tables
  • Introduction to DCF analysis

Sample Video

Sample Model