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Excel Best Practices

Do you want to be more proficient and efficient in Excel? Then you need to learn from the best! TTS is the leading expert of the latest Excel shortcuts and techniques. We train thousands of individuals every year in live seminars. This course pack covers navigational efficiencies, keyboard shortcuts, formulas and functions, and data table analysis. Included in this course pack is a one-of-a-kind Flip Chart that serves as a handy desktop guide. Also included is TTS proprietary toolkit (TTS Turbo Macro) that enables faster efficiencies and deeper functionality in Excel.

Topics CoveredExcelUserGuide

  • Navigating in Excel
  • Optimizing your modeling environment
  • Modeling standards used by practitioners
  • Modeling and Excel efficiencies
  • Advanced modeling techniques
  • Data table analysis
  • Conditional formatting
  • TTS’s famous shortcut keys and function keys
  • TTS’s popular macro toolkit (TTS Turbo Macros)