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TTS Turbo Macros will boost your productivity in Excel and enhance your workflow making you faster and more efficient. Our Macros allow you to confidently go ‘mouse-less’ and master keyboard shortcuts to assist in model building with color-coding, formatting, alignment functions, and more.
Unleash your Excel potential and streamline your daily operations with TTS Turbo Macros.

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Faster Productivity
Our easy-to-learn custom shortcuts boost Excel speed and productivity. This allows users to never touch the mouse, and format Excel sheets faster than ever with just the keyboard. TTS Turbo Macros shortcuts not only save valuable time but also help ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the worksheets and financial models.

Number and Decimal Formatting

Formatting With Ease
Users can instantly apply their preferred color schemes, enhancing the clarity, formatting, and visual appeal of their financial models. Effortlessly make formatting changes such as Fill Color and Font Color to save time and ensure consistency across different sections of the financial model, making it easier to interpret and analyze data.

Diagnose Errors Quickly
The Precedent Tracer tool visually maps out out the dependencies of a selected cell, providing a clear and comprehensive overview of its precedents. This feature not only facilitates error detection but also enhances understanding of complex formulas and their interconnected relationships.


Focus On What Matters
Our Worksheet Control feature revolutionizes Excel worksheet management by providing users with easy control toggles. This allows users to quickly adjust zoom, toggle gridlines, switch between page views, and show/hide column and row headers, to help optimize their worksheet layout and focus on what is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve created your Saas subscription, you can now to download the add-in through your Excel app (desktop or online).

Open Excel, and locate the ‘Add-ins’ button on the Home ribbon. In the Add-in’s search bar, type in ‘TTS Turbo Macros’ or ‘Training The Street’.

Finally, click the ‘Add’ button to download the add-in to your account.

Excel - Search for TTS Turbo Macros add-in

For detailed installation instructions and deployment assistance click here

TTS Turbo Macros needs an active internet connection to save any local changes you’ve made to it.

  • Access options by clicking TTS Turbo Options
    – Shortcut Keys (assign shortcuts)
    – Number Format (choose number format)
    – Font Color (choose font colors)
    – Fill Colors (choose fill colors)
    – Other Options (worksheet control, auto color, etc.)
Macro Type Description Shortcut
Font Color Toggle (1) blue, (2) green, (3) red and (4) automatic Ctrl + Shift + C
Fill Toggle (1) light yellow, (2) light turquoise, (3) gray (25%) and (4) none Ctrl + Shift + V
Border Toggle (1) top border, (2) right border, (3) top with right border and (4) none Ctrl + Shift + B
Number Format Toggle (1) Number: #,##0.0_);(#,##0.0) (2) Currency: $#,##0.0_);($#,##0.0) Ctrl + Shift + N
(3) Percentage: #,##0.0%_);(#,##0.0%) (4) Multiple: #,##0.0x (5) General format
Alignment Toggle (1) center across selection, (2) left alignment, (3) right alignment and (4) general Ctrl + Shift + M
AutoColor Toggle Turns Auto Color on / off Ctrl + Shift + A
Increase Decimal Increases decimal by 1 place Ctrl + Shift + I
Decrease Decimal Decreases decimal by 1 place Ctrl + Shift + D
Worksheet Control Control all worksheet display properties Ctrl + Shift + Z
Precedent Tracer Traces cell’s precedents Ctrl + Shift + T

We recommend taking advantage of the free trial to ensure you’re happy with the tool.

  • When AutoColor is Enabled you are continuously executing macros and
    therefore lose the ability to undo (Ctrl + Z)
  • TTS Turbo Macros might conflict with legacy systems
  • TTS Macros can be installed in Mac computers depending on the version
    of Excel being used
  • Computers with different language settings may experience some or all of
    TTS Turbo Macros not to work

If your TTS Turbo Macros keyboard shortcuts are not responding we recommend resetting Add-in shortcuts.

  • In Excel search bar type “Reset Office Add-in Shortcut Preferences” and click the button

How to Reset Add-In Shortcuts Screenshot

Group Orders

If you and your team are looking to build models faster with quick Excel shortcuts, Training The Street offers a reduced price for group orders, for the first year of your subscription.

Contact us to learn more about how to save money on group orders, and one of our team members will be in contact with your shortly.

TTS Turbo Macros Support

TTS Turbo Macros Support

Have You Seen Our Learning Resources?

Still using Turbo Macros v5.0?

Effective December 31, 2019 TTS is no longer distributing or supporting all versions of the TTS Turbo Macros v5.0.

This is not a decision entered into lightly, as we know many of you rely on our macros in your daily role. While the TTS Macros have always been a reliable and stable product, an increase in the frequency of pushed updates from Microsoft has created a deluge of functionality issues. With these increased updates, TTS has been unable to provide the level of support that our clients are accustomed to receiving.

You are welcome to continue to use your current installation of the TTS Turbo Macros.  Below are some self-help troubleshooting resources for Version 5.0:

First, open your Add-Ins folder using Alt T I

then select Browse from the buttons on the right

Next, change the drop down to All files (*,*) as shown below:

Proper installation should look like this:

Due to an Office Security Update released in July 2016, some users may have an issue with the TTS Turbo Macros not automatically loading when starting Excel. Here is the fix:

1. Navigate to your Add-Ins folder in Excel ( Alt T I)

2. Click Browse

3. Change the drop down to All Files (*,*) as shown below

4. Right-click on TTS_Turbo_Macros_v5.0.xla and select Properties

5. At the bottom of the General tab you should see a Security section. Check the box that says Unblock

6. Press the OK button

7. Repeat steps 4-6 with the TTS_Turbo_Macros_v5.0.ttsm file

8. Close Excel completely and re-open. TTS Turbo should now appear in the ribbon

This is typically caused by the AutoColor function being toggled on (Ctrl + Shft A). Simply toggle it off using the same Shortcut.

AutoColor is constantly scrubbing the worksheet for cell content to format based on input type. When you insert a new column, the macro is “looking” at all 1,048,576 new rows.

Some users remap the Ctrl +Shft A Shortcut, as it’s pretty easy to accidentally fat finger it on. To remap any Shortcut go to the TTS Turbo Options via Alt + S S

First, let’s talk about what AutoColor does. AutoColor will format your cell entries based on cell content, inputs are BLUE, calculations are BLACK, references to other sheets are GREEN, etc. You’ll want to either toggle AutoColor on and off as needed (Ctrl + Shft A) or by highlighting the range you want to format, then use the AutoColor Selection tool (Alt + S A )