Frequently Asked Questions

Ask around – our reputation speaks for itself. We are in high demand because we provide the best learning experience for the finance professional. Training The Street’s mission is to prepare you for success by providing the highest quality of training in the fundamentals of finance. We possess the global institutional and industry expertise to address your diverse training needs, along with the proven experience serving both academic and corporate clients, large and small.

It’s no secret that most investment bankers like to close deals. Business school professors, on the other hand, are often excellent teachers, but they sometimes lack the practical, hands-on emphasis bankers have. Training The Street (TTS) combines these two skill sets. We know banking. But we’re also born teachers. We’ve had years of experience doing both. Our established teaching reputation speaks for itself. In addition to our experience and knowledge, we have the passion and demonstrated classroom teaching experience to deliver topics in an insightful way, allowing for discussions and exercises to come alive.

Financial modeling and valuation are the essential building blocks of Wall Street finance. You can learn the basics of this in business school, but that’s largely theory. The entire key to modeling and valuation is to know how to apply what you’ve learned in a real-world situation. There are simply too many tools, strategies, and variables for you to know what to use in a given transaction. And working on transactions is how you learn financial modeling and corporate valuation. Ask any finance professional: These technical skills come from experience based learning. That’s where we come in. Through fun yet intensive structured courses, we give you an accelerated feel for deal flow that would otherwise take you months, if not years, to acquire, allowing participants in TTS courses to better hit the ground running when they start at their desk.

TTS was founded in 1999 and has grown exponentially ever since. Training The Street has established strong relationships with a distinguished list of global clients. Our ability to address the learning and development needs of a diverse audience—from the inquisitive student exploring a career in finance, to corporate clients seeking comprehensive training for an entry-level class, to the lateral hire seeking an expansion of his/her skill set—reflects the fundamental passion and focus TTS has in preparing clients for success as skilled finance professionals.

Unlike some other firms, we use a very conservative approach to counting and listing our clients. This is part of our philosophy of “under promising and over-delivering.” Some competitors have no topflight corporate clients yet they include a firm in their client list after making just cursory e-learning contact with it. By contrast, TTS lists clients only upon providing live instruction and training. Our client list doesn’t include companies whose employees merely took a self-study course or attended a TTS class while at school. When comparing our services to others’, ask:

  • Was live training offered in the last 12 months, and where?
  • What services did they provide during these live events?
  • Who were the participants? Interns, full-time analysts, and full-time associates or just on-line participants?
  • Can the firm make references from these live events available?

We are the market leader in financial modeling and valuation services. We are also the preferred provider of these services at our clients, where we conduct training for interns and full time personnel from the analyst to associate level. At the university level, we have been teaching financial modeling and valuation workshops since 1999. The success of our university training is complemented by the fact that two of our instructors are current Adjunct Professors.

First of all – thank you! Now to the easy part… To start, you should check to make sure that we don’t already offer training at your company or university. Check with your training and human resources departments if employed at a company or services such as the finance club, career center or student services if you are a student. If we don’t, email us at Propose a set of dates and what you’d like us to help you with. A TTS representative will contact you to discuss training options.

Yes. You’ve come to the right place. We offer Public Courses for individuals who want to develop their finance knowledge outside of formal academic or corporate sponsorship. In addition to our offering of core competencies courses, we provide targeted training in continuing development and advanced topics. Our course curriculum focusing on core competencies enables individuals new to the industry to grasp the required fundamentals, while the advanced Public Course curriculum allows more seasoned professionals to gain that competitive edge.