Elevating Financial Training Through Exceptional Instructor Development
Industry Leading Instructor Development

Industry Leading Instructor Development

At Training The Street we pride ourselves on the experience and capability of our instructors.

Training The Street looks for unique individuals who sit at the cross-section of real-world finance and education. Our hiring process includes a combination of technical competency checks and mock teaching sessions to ensure we hire the most qualified and passionate instructors to join our team. Since we’re Excel experts, all our instructors are proficient in modeling in Excel and navigating the world of shortcuts, and possess the skills to teach accounting, valuation, and other theoretical topics.

The result is true practitioners of finance and skills development who make a real impact in the classroom and bring finance to life.

Empowering Excellence: Our Instructor Development Pathway

The instructor development program is designed to ensure our customers receive the best training experience regardless of which Training The Street instructor is in the room.

The Instructor Development Pathway has three phases:

Phase 1 – Welcoming and Onboarding

Phase 1 – Welcoming and Onboarding

New instructors benefit immediately from joining the TTS community:

  • Paired with a development coach
  • Complete self-assessments to gauge strengths and areas for growth
  • Meet with experienced instructors to learn about best practices

Phase 2: Pedagogy and Responsibilities

Phase 2: Pedagogy and Responsibilities

New instructors meet with development coaches to learn more about:

  • Learning styles: Techniques for teaching all types of learners
  • Pedagogy: Teaching methodology for engaging learning experiences
  • Best practices: Communicating with clients and learners to ensure smooth and effective delivery

Phase 3: Hands-On Instruction Training

Phase 3: Hands-On Instruction Training

New instructors get teaching practice and feedback:

  • Work as a teaching associate with experienced lead instructors
  • Complete mock teaching sessions and receive feedback from instructor coaches
  • Use TTS instruction rubric to measure progress on engagement, pacing, and student comprehension

Ongoing Instructor Development

At Training The Street, we are committed to the ongoing development of our instructors. To ensure that we have a diverse group of experts who can provide comprehensive training on all finance-related topics for our clients, we have created content learning pathways for all our instructors. These pathways provide our instructors with the necessary tools to continuously improve their teaching skills and stay ahead of the curve.

Ongoing Instructor Development

Real-Time Feedback

We understand the importance of transparency and accuracy when it comes to assessing our instructor’s performance and ensuring your satisfaction. To achieve this, we use an independent company, CourseCheck, to collect feedback on our courses, allowing our participants to provide feedback on their experience with us.

We encourage our students to leave honest and detailed feedback. By using CourseCheck, we can ensure that the results are accurate and unbiased.

This approach allows us to identify areas where we can improve and make necessary changes to our processes, ensuring that we continue to provide the highest level of training for our customers.