Corporate Excel Training

Our Excel Training can boost efficiencies across all disciplines and ensure employees have the skills needed to perform on the job. We work closely with our corporate clients to define Excel training requirements and create customized Excel training programs that are applicable to all employees, from Human Resources to Finance.

From single-day Excel Training workshops to multi-day seminars, our Excel training ranges from learning the basics and boosting efficiencies to advanced techniques when analyzing large data sets.  Training The Street will work with you to build the perfect program that includes all the right content to ensure your employees have the necessary Excel skills. Instructor-led corporate Excel Training can be taught both virtually or onsite.

Training The Street has a distinguished reputation for delivering top-quality and comprehensive Excel Training programs for all disciplines and job roles.

At Training The Street, we aim to go beyond traditional classroom teaching and foster the growth of successful finance professionals. We offer comprehensive training programs that cater to both entry-level and seasoned professionals. Our courses are designed to equip new hires with the necessary skills for desk readiness and to provide advanced training for those seeking to expand their knowledge of complex topics. Our coursework is tailored to meet varying needs and time constraints, ensuring that our clients receive the “extra edge” they need to excel in a competitive job market.

TTS Advantage - Excel Grader

Excel For Everyone

Whatever your role, if you work with Excel on a daily basis, our Excel Training will not only give instant results to the quality of your work but will give you the tools to continue your learning independently.

Key topics:

  • Keyboard shortcuts / Excel ‘hot-keys’
  • Efficient ways to navigate, select and copy/paste
  • Formula construction best practice
  • Functions including MATCH and NPV

Excel For Management Consultants

We will teach you how to build a simple model analyzing a hypothetical client investment case. We introduce participants to the logical flow and modular approach of a well-designed model. In addition, we train on best practice modeling rules which should be implemented to help build accurate, well-structured and user-friendly models.

Key topics:

  • Modeling standard template
  • Establish modeling steps
  • Introduction to modeling integrity rules
  • Introduction to user-friendly modeling layout
  • Cell styles (historical, input, calculation etc.)

Excel For Finance Professionals

Excel Training for Financial Modeling will build your confidence, Excel speed, and help you make cleaner, higher-quality financial models. After learning a variety of useful Excel shortcuts and best practices for editing and performing analysis in Excel, we start with our first model, based on a real public company.

Key topics:

  • Keyboard shortcuts / Excel ‘hot-keys’
  • Efficient ways to navigate, select and copy/paste
  • Formula construction best practice
  • Constructing the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • Balancing the forecast balance sheet using cash and revolver
  • Interest income and expense
  • Checking methodologies
Corporate Excel Training Add-ons

Instructor-led Excel Level Training Program Topics Include:

  • Excel Best Practices and Efficiencies
  • Working with Client Data
  • Analyzing Data
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Macros and User-Friendly Tools

Regardless of experience or skill level, Training The Street puts the fundamentals of finance at our students’ fingertips, and we approach each course with the goal of integrating a solid understanding of theoretical concepts and applied technical skills for an optimal learning experience.

For more information about our corporate Excel training or finance programs, please contact us at We will be glad to discuss content and deployment options to provide a tailored training solution to fit your audience’s needs.

If you’re looking for training options for an individual or small groups, browse our Public Courses or Self-Study offerings.