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Bloomberg: Scott Rostan “From Banker to Teacher to… Something in Between”

by Alex Sherman

Scott Rostan used to be a mergers & acquisitions banker for Merrill Lynch. Then he was a high school teacher. He eventually found a happy medium training bankers and business school students how to do their jobs. He founded Training The Street in 1999, signing up bulge-bracket banks and universities as clients and developing a 35-person global team to teach techniques on valuation, accounting and financial analysis. He explains some of his methods and shares his own experiences in boardrooms, including a tense bidding war between Norfolk Southern and CSX for Conrail, and how that battle parallels today’s hostile railroad consolidation talks. Plus, Bloomberg M&A reporter Ed Hammond stops by to update host Alex Sherman (back from paternity leave) on Virgin America’s talks to be acquired by JetBlue and Alaska Air Group.