See How TTS Excel Training Makes Consulting Teams Better, Faster and More Efficient.

Our custom eBook explores the important ways Excel training programs prepare new hires for success and up-skill current employees. See how being desk-ready can boost productivity and retain and motivate your team to grow your business.

Corporate Excel Training Add-ons

Key Topics Covered:

  • Modeling and Best Practices
  • Preparing Client Data for Analysis
  • Analyzing Data in Excel
    • Charting
  • Using Cell Formats (historical, input, calculation etc.)

Additional Topics:

  • Data Storytelling
  • Automation Using VBA
  • Python for Data Analysis
  • Google Sheets

“Great class. I learned more in 1.5 days than my entire Excel career” -TTS Excel student 

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Sample Management Consultant TTS Excel Training Topics:

Excel and Modeling Best Practices:

Excel tips and tricks

  • Key Excel settings
  • Productivity-enhancing keyboard shortcuts
  • Navigation and selecting
  • Copy and pasting (including Paste Special)
  • Formula construction and editing
  • Core functions (e.g. SUM; MAX; MIN)
  • Formatting
  • Excel speed and accuracy test

Working with Client Data

  • Text to columns

Analyzing Data in Excel

  • Lookup functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, XLOOKUP)
  • INDEX and MATCH functions
  • Analysis of data (IF, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, Nested IFS, SUMPRODUCT)
  • Pivot Tables
    • Introduction to Pivot Tables
    • Inserting calculated fields

Visual Basic & Macros

  • Introduction to VBA
  • Creating macros using the macro recorder