PC Enhanced Core
Course content - 5/5, excellent slide decks; Instructor - 5/5, friendly and engaged; Venue - 2/5, Bathroom frequently had no soap/limited toilet paper and the air conditioning wasn't up to par for NYC's summer
Austin C July 12, 2024
PC Enhanced Core
Amazing Instructor. Yoni was very helpful and informative. He was very cognizant of answering questions and going at a smooth pace. I learned a lot in this class.
Andrew C July 12, 2024
PC Enhanced Core
Yoni was super helpful and gave many useful tips. He broke down complex problems into digestible ideas
Michael N July 12, 2024
PC Enhanced Core
great course! Will be sure to tell others. Go train the streets !
Nathan S July 12, 2024
PC Enhanced Core
Yoni and Aron both were great, incredibly patient and helpful with all of my / our questions.
Rushil P July 12, 2024
PC Enhanced Core
Instructor and TA were very helpful! AC in building could be improved
Cristian R July 12, 2024
PC Core Comprehensive
Eugene was great, and I really enjoyed learning from him. The course was super helpful, and has made me feel much more prepared for going into the job. I'm looking forward to my remaining courses with TTS!
Luke S July 9, 2024
PC Core Comprehensive
Overall very positive experience, learnt a lot, really one could argue you could spread this course over two weeks and go more in depth to cover all the materials and more scenarios and case studies. Sometimes the fact that templates are created make the process of filling them more automated rather thank thinking about it. Additionally would be nice to do the course with two screens and a keyboard.
Javier P July 5, 2024
PC Core Comprehensive
Course is quite in depth. Instructors Zuzanna and JP were clear and helpful. Resources were also quite helpful.
Syl-Anne R July 5, 2024
PC Core Comprehensive
It was a great training with great instructors.
Rei T July 5, 2024

November 2022

“Best financial modeling experience I’ve had, ever!”
“Wayne did a fantastic job at keeping the energy level high, keeping the pace up, and staying on time.”
“Wayne was great. He was always available for questions and explained things clearly by annotating the slides.”
“Wayne was great – helpful instruction, available for questions throughout, kept the class engaging.”
“The course was really helpful and interesting. Aasha and John are fantastic teachers and are always willing to help.”
“Great professor! loved learning more in Excel.”
“They did a great job in making sure that we all understood and additional information was given on topics outside of building the model, which was very helpful.”
“Rubin and Michael were great! Very helpful and engaging.”

October 2022

“Daniel was a great professor. He did well at breaking down the material logically and relating it to real-world examples. Very personable and easy to learn from. Made the class very enjoyable and worthwhile.”
“The course was excellent! Very clear explanations, good contextual deal-related stories.”
“Daniel is a wonderful instructor who makes the material very interesting and engaging.”
“Christian was awesome! very well rounded and he engaged everyone in the course with him.”
“Christian’s class is great! Dynamic, clear, and concise.”
“I was skeptical about a 3-day crash course on accounting 101, but this was engaging, relevant to my job and a good use of time.”
“Wayne was amazing, made the class easy and fun to be a part of.”
“Really recommend taking this course with Wayne, he was a great instructor.”
“Overall, I thought the course was comprehensive and very helpful. I was able to review basic accounting principles as well as learn more advanced ones. Additionally, the instructor was very concise and well-prepared in his delivery. I also think that the course booklets that were provided were well-organized by content.”
“Alex was an excellent instructor. He balanced everyone’s varying levels of excel experience well throughout the course. He also consistently provided valuable insight on practical uses of various functions and other exel applications.”
“The instructors were phenomenal ensuring that the students were following and that the pace was appropriate.”
“Great course and great instructor, I really expanded my financial modeling abilities!”
“Kristin was an amazing instructor who is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and was able to convey that information in an effective way. She gave great examples and talked us through many different scenarios.”

September 2022

“I thought the content was very helpful and informative. Also, Christian was an exceptional instructor and made long days enjoyable.”
“The content and real-life examples were very interesting. Ross was engaging throughout the entire week and kept it fun.”
“Ross was excellent! Very engaging, patient, and clear instructions.”
“Crystal clear delivery. Highly effective class structure.”
“David was a very solid instructor who kept the class engaged.”
“David was a wonderful instructor. He was clear, set a good pace, and was available to help when we had questions. 5 gold stars!”
“I thought the content was very helpful and informative. Also, Christian was an exceptional instructor and made long days enjoyable.”
“Christian was fantastic! It was clear he really cared about our learning, which was very encouraging given the breadth of topics we covered. His jokes, memes, and post-break mini-activities went a long way in making it feel like less of a slog. He explained concepts well and encouraged questions. Would definitely recommend him to others. The content was quite comprehensive and gave enough detail that I feel like I have a solid baseline and plenty of TTS materials to deepen my understanding.”
“Thank you so much, Christian! He really made the week and days fly by – he was extremely engaging, knowledgeable, fun & funny! I really don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the week as much or felt as engaged each day if it weren’t for him. Thank you. The way each day was setup was great, good flow of materials, lecture & building models.”
“Great class, Karishma was very knowledgeable and informative.”

August 2022

“The course was extremely helpful, was able to pack a lot of information into 2 days, and was easy to follow.”
“Instructor was able to make subject matters that might be boring into something that was incredibly interactive.”
“Billy is the absolute best. He was highly entertaining and he explained very complicated concepts in a very clear way. No issues – would highly recommend this course to others.”
“Billy was incredibly smart, funny, and exciting. I was not excited about this week of training, but Billy made it all very worth while!”
“Wayne rocked it! To have 20+ hours of accounting in three days is intimidating, but Wayne made the subject approachable, and relevant for what we need in our careers in management/banking and didn’t teach us like we were trying to become professional accountants (like basically every other accounting course I’ve had). I liked the stories, get-to-know-you activities, and partner work. I thought it really helped break up the materials. Thanks!”
“Wayne was phenomenal and kept the class very engaged. He’s a very personable instructor and overall made the class very enjoyable. 10/10”
“Wayne did a really good job of touching on real-life events to make points in the class. He was also very entertaining and encouraging to all students.”
“Instructor was amazing, wouldn’t stop until I understood everything. Definitely went the extra mile.”
“Great delivery; tips & tricks on saving time have been super helpful! Good at simplifying and explaining concepts.”
“I really enjoyed the course, especially walking through the excel shortcuts and all the models.”

July 2022

“David was a great instructor that taught everything very clearly. Also picked up some tips and tricks I didn’t know about”
“Awesome instructor – super helpful, great attitude, energetic.”
“Raul was an amazing instructor. Took the time to help all skill levels. Great class.”
“I really enjoyed this course! Christian was fantastic and extremely helpful.”
“Appreciated the printed materials very much. Also love the access to the entire platform (videos, excel grader) with 1-year access”
“Christian was an incredibly clear teacher and went above and beyond to ensure that we got the most out of the training. The focus on current events and the bigger picture was helpful, and the step-by-step walkthrough of the models was useful too. I’ve done other training programs before and can definitely say that TTS was by far the most practical and comprehensive. The 2 truths and 1 lie game was also fun and a great way to keep the class engaged. Thank you so much for a wonderful week!”

June 2022

“This course was extremely informative and helpful! Van was a great instructor!”
“Overall I enjoyed the class and learned a whole lot as I came in with almost no background knowledge.”
“Thought the training was amazing. Really appreciated Chirag explaining the “Why it matters” of the output rather than just running through the steps of how to plug in numbers.”
“Fantastic course. Great explanations. Very open dialogue and was able to get robust explanations to all of the questions that I had. Very well done!!”
“Van was great and very helpful and was able to get my modeling time to decrease by a lot.”
“Content was well-delivered and allowed for those of us without much modeling experience to get well acquainted with the material and the methods.”
“David is awesome. Great instructor and way better than any finance professor I had in college.”
“Alex did a fantastic job at explaining concepts in ways everyone could understand, and was great in assisting us when we had problems. He allowed us to be independent and accountable in our work while also providing helpful assistance.”
“Alex was a great instructor. He explained every concept very well and did so in a way that everyone could understand. His sense of humor and stories from his days as an analyst also provided great real-world context. In addition, his emphasis on working through problems on your own before asking questions was great for developing problem-solving skills within the context of financial modeling.”
“The instructor was amazing, not just very patient but also very dynamic!”
“Great course and location; very knowledgeable instructor”
“With little to no finance/accounting experience, this course was very helpful in laying the groundwork, and I’m sure the materials we get from the class will be helpful for years to come.”
“Instructor was great! He made the class interesting with his personality and real-life stories/applications.”

May 2022

“Really enjoyed the course. The instructor was excellent and was clearly very knowledgeable about the topics. I’m normally someone who struggles to stay focused during long lectures but the instructor kept me engaged throughout the course. I was even surprised myself at how focused I was. He was very funny and used real-world examples, which I liked. I would love to do the course again.”
“Our instructor did very well in explaining the reasoning behind why we do things. That’s going to be super helpful on the job!”
“Excellent instructor who makes sure each individual is kept up to speed”
“I’m very pleased with Christian’s expertise as a presenter and teacher. He clearly knows the material and cares about his audience.”
“Really liked the pace of the class, and also the resources available for us to learn – particularly the physical copy of slides, the TA (teacher’s assistant), and online resources. Also, I think the size of the class was great for learning”
“Excellent delivery and use of examples and exercises to keep the class engaged.”
“Billy was an amazing instructor!”
“Wayne was truly a great instructor, coming into this class without a real finance background I was initially nervous about being able to digest all the information, but Wayne was able to clearly convey all the knowledge with helpful real-life examples that made it easy to process and understand.”
“Wayne did an excellent job of making the material engaging, keeping everyone in the room on point, and using both real-world examples and useful metaphors to appropriately convey the material.”

April 2022

“Eugene was excellent. Very engaging and helpful, and went out of his way to provide extra materials that will be helpful at work.”
“Delivery and pacing for the course is excellent. The materials are great as well – easy to follow and finding numbers in the 10-K is straightforward.”
“I thought Annie and Lou were fantastic. I thought the materials we went through were very helpful – and I learned a whole lot of very very useful tips for navigating and speeding through excel.”

March 2022

“Wayne was a tremendous instructor. Very personable, eager to help and answer questions, and constantly asked how he could provide additional help. He made the course fun, as well as useful.”
“Everything was perfect – enjoyed the instructor and the content”
“Karishma was excellent, she did a great job making sure we understood the material and gave us time to practice. She also did a nice job of mixing in real-life examples and additional discussion items to make the course interactive.”
“Instructor was fantastic, knowledgeable, and always willing and capable of helping.”
“Great week of learning. Can’t wait to build upon what Christian and Eugene have helped convey and taught.”
“Instructors were incredible.”

February 2022

“I found this course SO helpful and thought the instructor and his TA did a great job of pace and with overall presentation.”
“I thought the course was fantastic, containing a great mix of Excel-based efficiencies, core modeling, and accounting foundations. Time well spent!”
“The training was absolutely fantastic. I’ve had multiple financial modeling trainings, but this one was by far the best. Great explanation, organization (with the second instructor posting in the chat, and easy to understand excel. Big thanks!”
“Incredibly professional, patient and able to work with students at all levels.”
“Great course, learned a lot, really helpful and great teacher!”
“Extremely valuable. It’s a lot of material to cover in 5 days, the last 3 days felt rushed. But still exceeded expectations, great learning experience and great content.”
“Good pace, good content, good support – really enjoyable and informative.”
“Excellent class. In fact the teaching already helped me with a data analysis piece of work I had to do the day of the course. I can already see many use cases and time saving scenarios in my role.”

January 2022

“I truly enjoyed this course.”
“I appreciated how the instructor surveyed the class before to get a sense of what we all wanted to take away from the course.”
“The instructors were fantastic – very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions as they came up.”

December 2021

“The course really was exceptional and Christian was clear, prepared, concise, and effective in conveying information.”
“Christian was extremely helpful answering questions and explaining difficult concepts in simple terms”
“Christian was unbelievable- engaging and broke it up well”
“Ross was great. He’s easy to understand and the class flows very well.
“Christian was extremely helpful. I learned a lot and felt comfortable to ask any questions I had.”
“Christian was great! Really kept us intrigued in the content and explained things in a way that was easy to digest.”

November 2021

“AJ’s delivery was great and he made sure to take time to answer all our questions over the week. More importantly, he was able to give tangible examples and tie them to the coursework based on his own experiences”
“Delivery was excellent. The consistent practical applications of the concept made it a really effective delivery method.”
“AJ was great at delivering the materials and gave good real-world examples of concepts. He made it a very enjoyable class and never made anyone feel bad about not knowing the correct answer which was very appreciated.”
“I thought the class was fantastic – it covered everything from the basics that was helpful to review and advanced items I had never seen before! Loved it!”
“Christian is an excellent instructor and explained very well the material”
“It is a great course especially when you get to keep the material go over and practice it again after this course is finished. This is a semester class for Finance in 2 days.”
“I was very impressed with the instructor and his delivery. His explanations were easy to understand and the material was always the perfect pace.”
“Excellent content and instructions, super interactive course, so thank you!”
“Great, I learned so many new concepts”

October 2021

“I think that Eugene was awesome. He worked hard to keep us all engaged and keep the content entertaining. Very personable.”
“I really enjoyed the course overall. Wayne was engaging and entertaining as an instructor and showed in-depth knowledge of the subject. The three-day course flew by with ease and I learned a lot. Not a moment was I looking for class to end.”
“Wayne is a great instructor. He’s interesting, engaging, clearly knows his stuff, and answers questions well.”
“Enjoyed the class. Wayne was great and very animated. He made the class interesting the entire time.”
“Wayne was an excellent instructor: engaging, well informed, great communication/explanation. It’s clear he cares about what he does greatly.”
“I thought the overall delivery of the class was great with very relevant real life illustrations used to help bridge theory to reality.”

September 2021

“Great fast track for understanding the basics of modeling”
“Zach is a wonderful and highly skilled instructor!”
“The course was excellent and I look forward to spending more time with the materials that were provided online.”
“Instructor had excellent explanations, helpful to learn history of M&A, LBO etc.”
“Van is excellent. He is engaging and incredibly well-versed in Excel. Really like the materials.”
“Excellent course, online went much better than anticipated”
“Very good class, always something to learn even for more advanced “modelers”.”
“Parul was direct and knowledgeable. She also facilitated the daily agenda well, making it a good weeklong learning experience.”
“Instructor did a great job of integrating real world examples and experience”
“AJ Tracey was the BEST instructor you could ask for. His enthusiasm for the subject matter and for teaching shines through evidently and he truly cares about making sure his students learn and ask questions. I took this course last year with AJ, and I still felt like I learnt a lot this year – that is a testament to AJ’s capabilities as an instructor!”
“I really enjoyed the course overall and would highly recommend to other people.”

August 2021

“Instructors were amazing “
“Wayne did a fantastic job teaching the course. This was my first-time learning accounting in a formal setting. I feel very comfortable with basic analysis of financial statements. I also gained an understanding of the principles and regulatory/market-based nuances which contextualize accounting matters. Wayne made the class entertaining with myriad anecdotes and was very kind to answer all of my questions in detail.”
“I couldn’t give Wayne any higher praise. He is truly incredible – engaged, thorough, funny, kind, brilliant. He never lost an ounce of energy over 3 long days. Feel lucky to have had him.”
“Wayne was fantastic. A really great instructor that was able to answer all of our questions, made the material interesting and tailored it to our needs as a group. Really well done.”
“Thank you so much for an amazing course! I learned so much and you made even the more complex topics interesting and easier to follow through real-world stories and case studies.”
“The course and all the materials are both comprehensive and informative. I greatly enjoyed the course, in terms of both the instruction and resources that were provided.”
“For a week-long course, I’d say this is as good as it gets / can get. Marc is an amazing instructor and his love for teaching shines in his delivery.”
“Mathili was an extremely engaged instructor who was guided by the pace of the group and went out of her way to answer any questions, even researching follow up questions post the course – thank you to her for the great training.”
“Erin did an excellent job of explaining the material and was easy to follow.”

July 2021

“The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging, and materials are diverse and cover a wide range of exercises and resources which I am glad to have access to.”
“Darren was amazing – he answered everything super patiently & he knows his stuff in & out.”
“I really enjoyed this course. KC’s teaching style and pace was perfect for me, I would highly recommend this course”
“Rahul has been incredible and really has helped me not only understand concepts and methods, but also really master the content”

June 2021

“The instructor was amazing – very knowledgeable and especially enjoyed how he leveraged his industry knowledge to make the class interesting”
“Christian was a great instructor. He explained the material in a very easy and understandable way and was very outgoing and helpful with regards to any questions we had.”
“The instructor was incredible at delivering the course. He made sure we understood the content and went out of his way to make sure he understood and accurately answered our questions. He was also very engaging and nice.”
“Christian was great. Quality was higher than other courses I’ve taken and was very engaging.”
“Instructor is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. She was able to perfectly fit all of the topics necessary to cover in the two-day time window, while also leaving ample time for questions. Well done.”
“Everything was clear and laid out in an organized manner. It was worth the cost just for the excel shortcuts alone.”
“I appreciate the KC’s teaching style. She made the class very fun and easy to follow by using relatable examples from time to time. She is also super knowledgeable and always give good answers to whatever questions arise from the class. I’d recommend KC and this class to my friends and coworkers.”
“I think Karishma did an amazing job really taking her time to explain how everything works”
“Excellent course!”
“Really enjoyed the review of macro trends/what’s going on today at the end.”

May 2021

“Instructor was great. Outlined key details and explained thoroughly.”
“Erin was excellent! Very clear instructions and excellent explanations”

April 2021

“Great experience and I learned more than I anticipated. Thank you Karishma!”
“Karishma was an amazing instructor – extremely patient, clear, and engaging!! Only nit – I think I would’ve liked to talk about drivers a little bit more, instead of them just being given to us.”
“I think the course overall was great. It helped me formalize and think more deeply about the work I do. Also, I was extremely impressed with Erin, specifically her ability to make complicated concepts seem very simple. She was a great instructor and it showed by how she engaged with all students (even in a virtual setting). Additionally, Erin was always willing to help students if they were falling behind. She would take additional time out of her day to explain concepts during breaks or after class ended, all while having workers come in and out of her house due to a flood. Overall great class and great instructor, i will definitely recommend this to upcoming deal professionals going forward.”
“Excellent delivery, really appreciated how KC would repeat each step’s instruction as she did them. This made it very easy to follow along especially if you missed it the first time.”

March 2021

“Excellent instructor – enthusiastic, makes learning the material fun, great job of getting as much engagement as possible in fully virtual setting. Made difficult concepts very simple to understand for a non-accounting brain”
“given the many tools at the instructor’s disposal, I thought the virtual learning experience was actually quite good. there did not seem to be anything lacking”
“Karishma and Daniel H were fantastic. The course was thorough and both teachers used the Socratic method: which to me is the most stimulating. Got me farther up the curve than I thought I would be”
“Great delivery – clear concise and engaging”
“Annie was outstanding!”

February 2021

“Great course, really liked the vlookup, index match, and pivot table explanations”
“Kristen was top notch! Friendly, clearly very smart, and explained topics well. It is super hard to teach over Zoom while people have their video off, but she totally made it work.”
“I enjoyed the small course aspect, which definitely aided in the virtual learning experience. It was very high touch.”

January 2021

“I really liked how you would always pause and check in to see if we have any questions. This ensured that we were never going through the material too quickly. Also, it was very helpful having answer keys to all of the homework assignments.”
“Materials as well as the instructors were excellent. I learned a lot.”
“Really good content that I can put to use right away that will increase productivity as well as quality of work output.”

December 2020

“Very engaging! Our instructor did a fantastic job of keeping the material interesting / relevant.”

“Ofelia was a fantastic instructor.”
“this course was extremely useful. Christian did a nice job of explaining complicated topics and the excel practice was key to understanding and applying the lessons”

November 2020

“Darren was great with adding colour to the theory, and left a decent amount of time towards the end of each day to help us individually if we got stuck”
“Worked well. I did an in person version last year and it was very similar”
“Ofelia was a great teacher!”
“Great delivery. The instructor was very engaging. I thought the timing was great with several breaks throughout the days.”

October 2020

“Considering the challenges virtual learning has, I think the instructor really excelled at keeping everyone engaged, without causing fatigue in being on the camera too much. Very well done.”
“Wayne was sensational. Given the virtual environment he was electric and kept the group and myself engaged the whole time while clearly and concisely teaching the content. He used personal examples from his career to help further explain the principles and are very helpful to my learning experience.”
“Materials are great, expalantions as well Both Rahul and Daniel Hofstein very supportive every step of the way”
“Both Rahul Bhatia and Daniel Hofstein were very knowledgeable and helpful.”

September 2020

“In a difficult environment, this class was still effective and very informative. Instructor was excellent, well informed, engaging, patient, and even funny at times. The class struck the right balance between breadth and depth.”
“I had put off the class long enough and had no choice but to take it virtually. It ended up being really great and not as frustrated as I was afraid of.”

July 2020

“great format especially in covid19 times, pleased it was flexible for those following from EU.”
“The virtual learning experience was very well set-up. It’s difficult to deliver (trust me… I did edtech coverage and edtech venture capital and can attest to how crummy the virtual learning experience is) but Utkarsh pulled it off well. The trivia questions in the chat kept it engaging. I even think that for a live format like this, being able to put question in the chat whenever to be answered when there is a logical pause in instruction makes for a more seamless learning experience.”
“The delivery of the content was engaging and I appreciate the format of showing how to model different concepts, clearly showing formulas so that nobody got stuck, and then allowing time to practice. This pedagogical method was essential to building needed muscle memory.”
“Despite the constraints of an online course, the instructor explained the material with clarity, humor, and accuracy. He went at the perfect pace for both beginners and those with previous knowledge. I especially appreciated how inclusive he was in keeping everyone on track and answering questions promptly.”

June 2020

“surprisingly effective — really helped to have such an engaging instructor”
“I think it was very seamless. Way better than our college classes which were also online.”
“I liked the virtual learning experience because i) there is no need to travel to another city. ii) There is more focus being isolated without any distractions around and fully focused on the course.”
“I was a little apprehensive about spending so much on an online course, but the instructor alone made it worth the price. He covered everything in an easy-to-understand way.”
“Good. Probably better than in-class training as the jump between lecture notes & interactive modelling was seamless. Of course the interaction with other members of the class was tricky but it was managed well. This would always be an issue on any virtual platform.”

May 2020

“Don’t think anything was lost from the virtual learning (vs. in-person)”
“virtual learning went very well and the time was spent effectively and efficiently. I used my laptop to watch the sharescreen on zoom and my PC to perform on excel, which is the best setup/combination possible for virtual learning.”
“Wayne was absolutely amazing, one of the most engaging instructors I’ve had. He made things very easy to understand by providing real life examples, and he was able to answer any questions with ease. I hope that Wayne teaches more courses that I can take. I did not expect to be so engaged virtually and I was pleasantly surprised.”
“Mike was very patient with those who were new to the material, while detailed enough so others did not get distracted.There were no hiccups with the platform or materials.”
“Mike was amazing. Extremely impressive and efficient and a very good communicator. It’s amazing that we were able to cover the amount of material that we did in just three days.”
“excellent instructor and TA. really appreciate the cool excel tips. they really got me up to speed with being familiar with excel and financial modeling within only 2 days.”

March 2020

“Scott Haahr is a total rockstar. Never let him go!”
“Rishi was a great instructor and made the content very digestible! He was funny, involved the students, and knowledgeable. The class was well-paced.”
“The material was very good. I learned a lot from the course, and Rishi, the instructor, was amazing. He really enhanced the content and made the week enjoyable.”

February 2020

“This has been by far one of the best modelling courses I have ever attended. Zane’s delivery of the material was immaculate, clear and in-depth. Biggest proof is the fact that near the end of Day 2 someone tripped over my laptop cable, causing me to lose my unsaved work. I managed to redo the entire 2nd portion of the exercise without any difficulty because of the fantastic way in which Zane described each step of the model with clear explanations. 10 out of 10! Fantastic course by far.”
“Couldn’t ask for anything more. Awesome course, perfect material and fantastic instructor.”
“Marc was an exceptionally gifted teacher”

January 2020

“Parul is an excellent instructor. Very happy with the quality of the class.”
“I really appreciated the way Ed wove the repetition of concepts, definitions, and exercises into the ongoing course instruction. It was helpful for me to hear these things repeated to remind me of concepts we had learned earlier in the week and ultimately solidify my understanding. The Excel formatting exercise and review of the shortcuts / navigation were invaluable.”
“Training the Street offers such a wide variety of training courses in finance. It is beneficial for everyone, regardless of what they are hoping to learn!”
“Ed is a legend. Really sharp and knowledgeable. Great at explaining complicated concepts.”

December 2019

“Jung Suh did an outstanding job of relating the dated course material to more current transactions – namely, the LVMT & TIF transaction.”
“Van and Annie (the TA), were fantastic. One of my biggest concerns about the class was the pace and/or getting lost and getting left behind, but that fear was quickly put to rest for a number of reasons. Van was an incredible facilitator who brought everyone along for the journey, no matter their skill level. He made the class interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. ”
“This course was incredibly helpful – parts were a refresher / solidified the bits and pieces I have learned over the years and parts explained theory I had never understood before. The format was great – interactive lecture with calculations / examples mixed in. Jung was a fabulous instructor – his humor, real-life examples and teaching style were incredibly effective for our diverse class. Thank you!”
“The instructor is willing to stay late to follow up questions. He is super kind and the contents are very helpful.”

November 2019

“Jung was an outstanding instructor. Not only did he make fairly dry topics interesting for five days in a row (not an easy feat!), but he was also able to bring to class a number of real life examples that made the coursework so much more relevant. For example, he actively reworked the coursework to help showcase the possible acquisition of Tiffany’s by LVMH (which was in the news the week of our course) and it captivated the class even more (and motivated us to read up more post-class). It was because of Jung’s talent and skills as an instructor that we are considering inviting him to teach our larger organization. We highly recommend Jung!”
“Zane is a great instructor and the course was efficient in general.”
“Mark was an excellent instructor. He was able to simplify material that is difficult to understand. He packed a lot of material into only 4 weeks. The only suggestion I’d make is that this class probably needs to be extended to 5 weeks. It felt a little rushed through the M&A & LBO models, and both topics needed 2 classes each. Other than that, I thought it was a great learning experience and I’d highly recommend a colleague and/or someone else in the industry take Mark’s class.”

October 2019

“Wayne was a great instructor and flowed through all three days of class seamlessly. He did a great job of getting us involved while also lecturing. He truly made 3 days of 9-5 accounting training engaging and interesting.”
“Great course, excellent materials and outstanding delivery from Ross. Will suggest the course to other team members at the firm.”
“Absolutely great! I loved the exercises and examples. Also, appreciated the encouragement to experiment with the shortcuts.”
“Excellent delivery and knowledge from Wayne. The fact that he is able to explain the topics in such a clear manner not only demonstrates his deep understanding of the topic but his teaching abilities. Great course!”

September 2019

“Rishi was an excellent professor. Great pace and mix of content / real life examples.”
“Karishma was an *awesome* instructor — she went through the material at an appropriate pace, had very detailed and clear explanations, and was eager to answer any questions/offer assistance throughout the week. Because of her, I would definitely recommend colleagues to take this course. I found it most helpful when she asked the class questions about the materials and had us discuss in small groups so that she wasn’t just giving answers/lecturing the whole time.”
“Instructor was awesome and the content was well structured to also cover concepts and the reasons WHY.”
“the instructor was perfect. Spot on- so well paced and informative. I learned so much”

August 2019 

“Instructor delivery was really excellent – sense of humor and current event references kept the material interesting and the room engaged.”
“Mr. Ascoli was phenomenal, he was very approachable and made everything interesting and understandable with real-world scenarios.”
“Instructor was great – very flexible and adapted to everyone’s different level. The course was also entertaining (which was not expected) and those moments of comic relief were much appreciated.”
“Matt is a great instructor. The content delivery was excellent. Being the third time I have taken a course with Training the Street it was a very pleasing experience.”
“Mike was an awesome teacher- made the long day fly by and really helped us understand the content.”

July 2019

“Jeff was fantastic. Added a ton of value and made it all enjoyable and understandable.”
“Course materials were comprehensive and very easy to follow. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable, clear in delivery & helpful!”
“Great delivery of content and involvement/engagement with the class as a whole.”
“Could not have a better instructor. He explained things very well, was extremely engaging and had great jokes.”

 June 2019

“Mike was an excellent teacher. I felt so much better about concepts I had already covered in school. Additionally, his methodical and well explained approach was incredible.”
“I thought everything about this course was great. I came in with very limited knowledge and followed everything fairly easily. The teaching was fantastic.”
“The printed materials were great and Josh was a amazing teacher.”

May 2019

“I thought the course as a whole was very good. The examples, the printed materials, and instruction were all excellent. Both of the instructors I had were excellent. The course did a good job of covering a lot of material in the time allotted.”
“Excellent course – I gained a lot of value. Instruction was fluid, precise and integrated real world examples. Excellent delivery and great use of time.”
“I love Zane! He is so good with his delivery, patient and kind.”

April 2019

“My instructor Utkarsh was excellent. Knowledgeable, inclusive, patient, friendly, and very funny throughout the class helping to keep everyone engaged. Would absolutely take another course taught by him.”
“Josh was outstanding as an instructor. Command of the material as excellent, clear and concise in his delivery – clearly emphasized key points for us to take away. Applied relevant anecdotes to emphasize / amplify various topics. Really added to the overall experience.”

March 2019

“The instructor was amazing. Really grateful for Edward Ascoli. Passionate and energetic.”
“Jeff made the content both easy to absorb and relatable. As opposed to simply reading from the course pack, he consistently coupled the material with real-world examples and applications. Overall, he just brought enthusiasm and a good attitude, his consistency in that regard was huge.
“Good quality handbook with reusable materials (e.g. macro, short-cut key sheets). Good instructions on what makes an analyst top bucket and pointers that associates / VP would not necessarily offer naturally.”

February 2019

“I was initially unsure how quick the pace of the course would be, as we only had 2 days. However, Kristen did an excellent job teaching while keeping a moderate pace. I was extremely impressed with the complementary materials and ability to make an immediate impact on my Excel and modeling skills. Thank you!”
“Very impressed by the course, recommending to my friends & colleagues.”
“I thought the delivery and materials were great. It was the perfect length and great level of content.”