Academic Training

In today’s competitive hiring place, finance careers are no longer limited to only students with a finance background. Firms are increasingly hiring students of varied academic backgrounds who are articulate, capable of presenting ideas clearly and concisely, and with a broad range of skills and talents.

We can help prepare your students for a successful career in finance and unlock their career potential.

Are you an individual student looking for training?

Training The Street has offered  targeted curriculums for both undergraduate and graduate students since 1999.  Each year, we work with Career Management Centers and student clubs to provide our workshops for their students.

TTS’s workshops serve as a helpful introduction to the world of finance. From introductory lectures on the industry, to financial valuation and financial modeling boot camps, to interview coaching, our academic offerings cater to the needs of the student seeking a dedicated career in the industry.  Ask around and you’ll find that your friends have been trained by TTS, either through on-campus seminars or at a premier Wall Street firm.

The TTS Workshops

  • Fundamentals of Applied Excel
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Valuation (Undergraduate & Graduate Tracks)
  • Financial Modeling (Undergraduate & Graduate Tracks)
  • Specialized Modeling: LBO and M&A
  • Modeling and Excel for Consultants
  • Investment Management Valuation and Modeling

What Do Students Gain from a TTS Workshop?

  • Prepare for the technical section of the finance job interview
  • Technical skills for summer internships or your first year on Wall Street
  • Become fully comfortable with finance jargon
  • Learn finance skills that can be applied in a wide array of future jobs and careers
  • Inject a vivid practical dimension into your finance coursework
  • Learn what Wall Street bankers really do on a daily basis, and what tools they use most

At TTS, we teach at all the leading global investment banks and top consulting firms, preparing their interns and full-time employees with the tools for success.  In an average month, we train up to 1,000 aspiring Wall Street professionals for their future roles. When we say we know what employers are looking for, we mean business! We offer the best financial training courses.

For more information about our curriculum of workshops for students, please contact us by clicking the link below: