Copy and Pasting in Excel

Copy and Pasting in Excel

Text, values and formulas often need to be copied to other locations and/or adjacent cells to avoid duplicating work. While many Excel users rely on the mouse to copy and paste, a far more efficient way is to use built in Excel keyboard shortcuts. Here are a few helpful related shortcuts:

To copy a cell, go to the desired cell and press CTRL + C

To paste the copied cell, go to the destination cell and press CTRL + V or the Enter key. The difference is that when pressing CTRL + V the copied data stays in memory and can be pasted again, while when pressing Enter the copied data does not stay in memory.

To fill a formula to several adjacent cells to the right, highlight the initial cell and the cells to the right, and hit CTRL + R

To fill a formula to several adjacent cells below, highlight the initial cell and the cells below, and hit CTRL + D

Keep in mind that all of the methods above will result in pasting ALL of the attributes of the copied cell(s), including formulas and all formatting.

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