Learn more about the TTS Community.

Like the global cities that drive the markets and define industry direction, the financial services industry constitutes a vast global network, yet is still a small community. At Training The Street, we value the population of students and financial services professionals who have participated in our training programs and completed our coursework. Ask around, and you’ll find your friends and colleagues have been trained by TTS, either through on-campus seminars or at their new employers. They can tell you all about the Training the Street finance courses.

In our effort to foster a sense of community within this population, Training The Street  has formed the TTS Community to build on the united professional and career interests of our own training alumni.

Through social media and in-person social events and mixers, TTS offers you the opportunity to:

  1. Connect or reconnect with fellow school and corporate alumni
  2. Network and develop valuable contacts
  3. Have a forum for career and industry discussions
  4. Participate in philanthropic endeavors and community outreach
  5. Make new friends!