London: Corp Val Class in Developing a 360° Perspective – Getting the Right Price

TTS/Capital IQ S &P: Principles of Corporate Valuation: Developing a 360° Perspective –  Getting the Right Price

Instructor: Zane Hurst

Join us on the 19th & 20th of April as we uncover the techniques surrounding “What price will it take to get a deal done?”

This seminar’s primary objective is to learn how practitioners in the financial ser­vices industry apply various valuation techniques in the context of an eminent transaction. Heavy emphasis will be placed on demystifying the theory behind the analytics and ultimately gaining an understanding of their impact on a transaction.  After gaining a working knowledge of the “scientific” analytics, participants will gain a new appreciation for the “art” of valuation through an in-class simulation.

S&P Capital IQ products will be discussed when appropriate.

Date: 19-20 April, 2012

Location: 20 Canada Square, London, E14 5LH, United Kingdom

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