Online MBA Guest Post: Tips for the Investment Banking Interview and Hiring Process

Guest Post: Tips for the Investment Banking Interview and Hiring Process

Wanda E Drummond  provides these tips for nailing an investment banking interview and navigating the hiring process in the uber-competitive market.

Social Media Lock-Down: Invest time in setting up your Facebook security. Create different groups that will only have a limited view – no pictures! Also, keep in mind that you should never “friend” your work colleagues on Facebook — no exceptions.

Interactions with HR: Remember that you are not the only person applying. Recruiters have their hands full. It’s important to realize that your needs may not be addressed on day one. Being kind and courteous counts. Explain your dilemma but don’t put the onus on HR – ask them what you can do to help expedite the process. You should take charge.

Email Etiquette: Do not inundate recruiters and training teams with emails. Clearly address all your issues in a concise email that lists your issues in short bullet points.

Skills Test: Prepare before taking any test. Your performance and assessments are reviewed not only by HR, but by your future team as well. Don’t be fooled — every grade counts.

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Paperwork: If your future employer has sent you several forms to fill out, make sure you fill them out and return them by the due date. You may think it doesn’t matter, but completed forms link to several databases that trigger the creation of your new login ID, company email, benefits, access to group files, market data access, and so much more.

Training Program: Be nice to your training instructors and team. Remember that your training instructors know everyone in your future teams. It is normal for teams to ask about their new candidates and people can talk. Don’t ruin your first impression with your team before you even meet them.

Avoid Peer Pressure: If you are going through a placement process with other new hires in the firm make sure that you do not follow the crowd. Remember that personality counts and rely on your gut feeling. Make sure you pick a team that you feel the most comfortable with because you will be spending a lot of time with them.