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CNBC: Scott Rostan on: Here’s how much new MBA grads are earning”

  • Many newly minted MBA graduates have entertained several job offers, with many of those positions paying $125,000 or more.
  • Still, not all business school graduates are happy with their employment prospects.

The future looks bright for some MBA graduates, but not all newly minted business school grads are optimistic.

Many new MBA graduates — 46 percent — have had job offers for $125,000 or more, according to a new survey from Training the Street, a provider of educational courses to organizations including Wall Street banks and MBA programs.

That salary level is a “bit higher” than previous years, according to Scott Rostan, founder and CEO of Training the Street.

Strong competition for talent — in investment banking and capital markets, as well as other areas — is helping to fuel an overall increase in salary, Rostan said.

“When you’re getting three, four offers from banks, and if you just do the math and think about that, that means a lot of firms are competing for the same people and the same talent,” Rostan said. “If you’re a talented person, you’re going to be in high demand.”

Many business school grads have their pick for which opportunity to take. More MBA students — 28 percent — have received three or more job offers, up from 22 percent one year ago. More than half of students surveyed said they are “very satisfied” with those offers.

Not all new MBA grads were as happy, according to the survey. The number of MBA students who said they were satisfied with their job offers fell to 32 percent, from 45 percent one year ago.

The number of students who said they are dissatisfied with their offers doubled, to 14 percent, from last year. Some of those students may have had to take positions in different cities and/or industries than they intended, Rostan said.

And the portion of new grads who did not get a job offer — 17 percent — remained the same.

Most MBA grads found their jobs through on-campus interviews, according to the survey.

Of the cities where they would prefer to work, most business school students said New York, followed by Chicago and San Francisco.

The survey included 262 students, of whom 158 were full-time MBA students.