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Fox News Radio: Scott Rostan New MBA Graduates Receiving Strong Job Offers

MBA’s in demand.

Wall Street training firm “Training The Street” is out with its annual survey of new MBA grads.

(Rostan) “The talented workers out there, people with their graduate degrees and business administration, they are in high demand.”

Founder and CEO Scott Rostan says nearly half of MBA grads are now reporting starting annual salary offers of $125,000 or more.

(Rostan) “Banks in general are one of the largest hirers of MBA graduates, along with consulting firms. And then the collection beyond that is going to be varied from everything from non-profits, to Silicon Valley startups and everything in between. Industry companies too, so think your Fortune 1000 type companies will also hire a lot of MBA’s also.” 

The number of recent MBA grads who want to work in consulting – instead of at a big bank, is growing.

I’m Ginny Kosola.

Listen to the complete interview below: